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Amazonas & Machu Picchu

Columbia - Brazil - Peru

Why you'll love this trip

Throughout this trip you will get to live the life of a local and to learn about the culture of these three wonderful countries outside their tourist zones. By deciding to join us we understand that you are an adrenaline seeker so we know you won’t mind spending three nights in a remote area with no wifi, cell phone signal or electricity, located in the middle of the Amazon Jungle.


The pristine Amazon Jungle will surprize you in every way, especially when you will be exploring rainforest trails with a local guide, looking out for monkeys, parrots and medicinal plants, or when you will fall asleep in a lodge lit by candles and kerosene lamps.

Is this adventure right for you?

  • For that particular reason we will present you some facts which you should take into consideration before deciding to join us.

  • Firstly we would like to let you know that a 7 to 10 days trip to Peru would normally cost around $2000. Through this trip we want to help young thrill-seekers and travel enthusiasts see the most beautiful parts of the Amazon for the lowest price there is on the market. Please keep in mind that in the trip’s price all activities are included. 

  • The Amazon Jungle can be very hot and humid, so it's important to drink plenty of water and wear light cotton clothing. Be sure to bring tropical-strength insect repellant.

  • You should prepare to be patient since the transfers in between locations might take a while. For example, the boat ride from Leticia to Iquitos will take about 10 to 12 hours, but this will be a great opportunity for you to seat back, relax and get your head on straight.

  • Be sure to wear sturdy footwear that's suitable for hiking and for the muddy areas in the jungle.

  • You will be visiting places hidden from tourists and you will be sleeping in small villages. There, you might have to share a bed with another person, in case we won’t find housing which offers rooms with two single beds.

  • This trip visits places that are at high altitude, and as a result some people can suffer from altitude sickness, regardless of age or physical health.

Included services:

1. Air Transportation

  • Bogota to Leticia;

  • Iquitos to Cusco;

  • Cusco to Lima;


2.  ​Transportation

  • Leticia Airport to the hotel in Leticia;

  • Leticia to Iquitos by ferry boat;

  • Iquitos hotel to the Iquitos Airport;

  • Cusco airport to the hotel in Cusco;

  • Cusco to Ollantaytambo train station - round trip;

  • Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes - round trip by train;

  • Aguas Caliente to Machu Picchu - round trip by bus;

  • From hotel in Cusco to Cusco Airport;

  • Lima Airport to the hotel in Lima;

 3. Activities

  • Bogota walking tour;

  • Leticia, Columbia and Tabatinga, Brazil walking tour;

  • 1 day trip Puerto Narino including amazonian tribes;

  • 1 day trip Zacambu jungle and Benjamin Constant, Brazil;

  • Iquitos, Peru walking tour;

  • Guided jungle walking tour day & night;

  • Entrance at Machu Picchu;

  • Bird watching;

  • Small amazonian villages/communities tour;

  • Cusco, Peru walking tour;

  • Entrance at Machu Picchu;

  • Machu Picchu guided tour;

  • Full day-trip to the Rainbow Mountains;

 4. Accommodation

  • Hotels - 11 nights

  • Hotel GHL Collection 93 or similar

  • Hotel Casa Maune or similar

  • Nativo Hotel or similar

  • Inca Wasi Plaza or similar

  • Ibis Larco Miraflores

  • Cottage (dormitory style) in Amazon Jungle - 3 nights

 5. Meals : 11 - breakfasts, 5 - lunches & 3 - dinners

Throughout our journey there will be a guide who will speak both English and Romanian. Moreover, at some destinations, we will be greeted by local guides who will help us discover the most spectacular parts of their cities.

Not included services:

  • Plane ticket from your location to Bogota, returning from Lima;

  • Transfer from the hotel in Bogota to Bogota airport ($5-6 for Uber);

  • Optional trips, besides the ones mentioned above;

  • Other meals, besides the ones mentioned above;

  • Medical insurance;

  • Tips.

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Day 0 - Bogota

Welcome to Bogota!


We will meet up directly at the hotel here. Don’t worry, we will send you all the required information in order for you to get safely to the hotel from the airport by taking either an Uber or a cab. 

This will only be a layover since the next morning we will be flying to Leticia. If you wish to spend more time in Bogota, we recommend you arrive there one or two days before the group.

Our tour leader will be there starting Thursday, August, 20th, so if you wish to see more of what Bogota has to offer we recommend you arrive a day earlier as well, on August 20th. We will help you book this extra night at the hotel and the tour leader will walk you to Bogota’s most beautiful spots.

Day 1 - Bogota to Leticia

After we will have had breakfast, we will leave for the airport since our flight to Leticia will be in the morning. Leticia, the capital of the Amazon Province, is located 96 meters above sea level and has an average temperature of 27 degrees. Colombia, Brazil and Peru come together here, therefore it is also called ‘Tres Fronteras’.


After the hotel check-in, you will have some free time to explore this izolated city where you can get only by plane or by boat. At only a 5-minute distance from our hotel you can cross the border to Tabatinga, Brazil where you can enjoy some authentic Brazilian recipes and you can dance on samba rhythms.

Day 2 - Leticia to the Jungle - Colombia & Peru

On this day you will truly meet the Amazon River and you will get to feel the lively vibes of the world’s largest river. After enjoying breakfast we will head to this world wonder. We will sail down the Amazon and its runnels on a small boat and we will visit villages which you won’t find on any map. Our first stop will be in Puerto Alegria, Peru where we will be playing around with colorful, talking parrots.


Next on our schedule will be Isla de Los Micos. This vibrant island will surprize you from the very first step taken on it. Get ready to see many friendly monkeys jumping around tourists trying to catch their attention. After spoiling the monkeys we will meet the members of an Amazonian tribe.


We will take an energizing lunch break and we will continue our adventure discovering new small villages hosting fauna and flora which we’re not accustomed to. We will end this tour with a visit at the Flor de Loto reservation. In the evening we will return to ‘civilization’ in the small town called Leticia and we will have dinner together.

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